If you’ve been charged with a criminal offence and are awaiting trial, you may be eligible for bail. If you’re out on bail, you do not have to await trial in prison, as long as you attend court and follow other conditions. When you are granted bail, you are often asked to promise an amount of money that becomes forfeit to the court if you do not comply with bail conditions. For more serious offences, we may need to convince the court that you will follow the conditions if released.

If you have questions about an upcoming bail hearing, call Rishi Gill at 604.899.1436. Your initial consultation with Rishi is no charge and includes a review of your case, possible defences and courses of action. When you call, you will speak to Rishi Gill directly (not a paralegal or assistant), so you can be assured that the counsel you receive will be timely and discrete.

What are bail conditions?

Conditions for bail can vary from crime to crime. All bail conditions include a duty to attend all appropriate court dates. Other conditions could include remaining in a certain area, not contacting certain individuals, and not possessing weapons.

How can a lawyer help me with the bail process?

We can help convince the court to let you out on bail with fair conditions. If you are denied bail, we can guide you through the process of a bail review with a higher court. Call Rishi Gill at 604.899.1436 for representation at your bail hearing.