Client names have been changed for privacy.

  • At the time I was arrested and then charged I felt so uneasy because I had no clue what to do. I was worried because I could not fix the situation on my own. Rishi put things in perspective for me and put together a plan. He explained everything to me and took charge. I was able to concentrate on my work and personal life after I hired him.

    Melanie W. Charged with Shoplifting Charges Dropped
  • I thought I was done for when I first learned of the charges. I loved how Rishi dealt with the problem. He never stopped amazing me. If I had been convicted of the crimes I would have had no life at all. I wouldn’t be able to see my son grow up.

    Jeremy C. Charged with Major Crimes offences Charges dropped
  • When I was first charged I was stressed out and trying to get a grip on things. When I met with Rishi I knew I didn’t have to worry so much. He took my case and I immediately felt that things were going to get done and be dealt with. He took charge of the situation and made me feel secure and confident.

    Richard S. Charged with Firearms Offence Charges dropped
  • A conviction would have completely changed my life. I wouldn’t be able to travel freely for work and it would have eliminated anything involving any type of background check. When the charges were dropped I felt extremely appreciative and fortunate. I felt as though I had dodged a bullet and had been given the opportunity to make things better and learn from the situation.

    Robert P. Charged with Assault Charges Dropped
  • At the time I was charged I was completely overwhelmed. I didn’t know which way to go. Rishi told me what I needed to do and solved things. He was very proficient and very direct. It was exactly what I needed at the time. He helped me out so much.

    Lorna. M Charged with Major Crime Plead guilty to Obstruction of Justice
  • When I was first charged I felt helpless and hopeless. Rishi responded directly to my call right away. My first meeting with him really made me feel confident. He took charge of my case. I feel he has excellent skills and very good experience as a lawyer. I would definitely recommend him to others.

    Michael J. Charged with Drug Offence
  • When the case was dealt with I had a life again. If I was convicted of what I was first charged with I would have lost my house and job – everything I had tried to build for myself. Rishi is very well respected in my house and I would refer anyone I knew to be in trouble to him. I think he is the best.

    Paul M. Charged with Drug Offence Plead guilty to less serious offence with no jail
  • Having a sexual assault charge to deal with was terrifying. The process was scary and I had a lot of questions. Rishi was always to the point. In that type of situation I didn’t need filler. He has always been straightforward. I immediately got the feeling he wanted to know about my case.

    Keith P. Charged with Sexual Assault
  • At the time I was first charged with assaulting my boyfriend I felt overwhelmed, alone, and scared. I had no idea what to do. Rishi took charge of everything. I never had to come to court. It took the weight off my shoulders and allowed me to get on with my life.

    Jessica W. Charged with Assault Charges dropped
  • I was scared and didn’t know what was going to happen when I was arrested. I felt like an idiot. Rishi dealt with my problem in the most professional manner possible. He did a great job and always told me the truth. He treated me intelligently and with respect.

    Teresa M. Charged with Drug Offence Charge dropped