Case Defended: Firearm Offences

Weapon laws in Canada cover the possession of unlicensed or unlawful firearms/restricted weapons, or, the possession of licensed firearms in inappropriate contexts. They also cover illegal trafficking, assembly and exportation.

Additionally, the use of a firearm or other weapon while committing another indictable offence (such as robbery or sexual assault) can worsen the charges significantly.

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What’s the law on firearms and weapons in Canada?

Firearm and weapon offences are charged under sections 84–117 of the Criminal Code of Canada.

Firearms in Canada fall into three classes: non-restricted, restricted, and prohibited. Roughly speaking, non-restricted firearms include rifles, shotguns and air guns with a length of 660mm or greater (these tend to be used in hunting); restricted firearms cover most handguns and AR-15 rifles; and prohibited firearms include all automatic and semi-automatic firearms. One needs a license to purchase and possess restricted firearms. It is not legally possible to acquire new prohibited firearms in Canada, but owners who possessed the weapons before they were prohibited are allowed to keep them.

What happens if I get convicted of a firearm offence?

Simple possession of a restricted firearm can carry a maximum of a 1-year jail term or a $5,000 fine. If there is reason to believe that you had dangerous intentions, or if children or drugs are found nearby, the charges can be much worse.

Trafficking offences carry a minimum of 3 years in jail for a first offence, to a maximum of 10 years.

Likewise, other offences become significantly more serious if committed with a weapon.

What should I do if I’m charged with a firearm offence? Do I need a lawyer?

In all cases, you should consult with experienced legal counsel. A criminal defence lawyer can be instrumental in getting charges reduced or dropped. Call Rishi Gill and Team at 604.899.1436 for a no-charge consultation today.