Charges Defended: Threats and Harassment

Uttering threats is an assault charge that can arise when the accused threatens to harm a victim or damage a victim’s property. Harassment, often known as stalking, refers to more general behaviour that would cause a victim to fear for his or her safety—such as following the victim home, sending unwanted gifts or watching the victim’s house.

Both charges can be somewhat subjective in nature. For instance, a lawyer can help you demonstrate that the words you uttered could be taken as something other than a threat, or that the alleged harassment claims are false.

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What’s the law on threats and harassment in Canada?

Harassment and threats are covered in sections 264 and 264.1 (respectively) of the Criminal Code of Canada.

What happens if I get convicted of threats or harassment?

Those convicted of uttering threats face up to 5 years in jail; those convicted of harassment could get up to 10 years.

What should I do if I’m charged with harassment? Do I need a lawyer?

Absolutely. Threats and harassment are serious charges, and you have the best chance to fight them if you have expert legal counsel. Contact Rishi Gill and Team at 604.899.1436 to discuss your options.