Your initial visit

There is no fee for the first in person consultation with our office.  Rishi will meet with you and review the charges and the available evidence in order to determine the complexity of the file.  He will also explain the legal fees and options available to you.

The “block fee”

Like most criminal defence lawyers, our office bills on a “block fee” basis rather than an hourly charge. This way, you’ll be advised of the entire cost up front, and you won’t be surprised with your final bill. In most cases we do not charge for miscellaneous expenses such as copying, long distance calls and postage.

Payment options

The firm appreciates that retaining a criminal defence lawyer can be expensive. We are often able to work out a payment schedule that helps our clients manage the financial burden of defending against a criminal charge. Our office also accepts Debit Cards, Visa and MasterCard.

How should I search for a criminal lawyer?

Always interview more than one lawyer before picking one to represent you. It is wise to have at least two professional opinions of your case so that you can better compare and contrast your options. Criminal charges are serious matters and your decision to retain a lawyer should never be taken lightly.

Legal aid

The firm does not generally accept legal aid matters unless under special circumstances.  However, we are happy to refer you to qualified lawyers who accept legal aid on a regular basis. Click here to visit the Legal Services Society website and obtain further information on the legal aid system in BC.