If you’re found guilty of a crime, your sentence will be decided at a sentencing hearing. An experienced lawyer may be able to convince the judge to reduce the charges or, in some cases, drop the charges altogether.

For more information on minimum and maximum sentences for a particular charge, see our Offences & Sentences page.

I’ve been charged and found guilty. What do I need to know?

You still have a chance to work out a more favourable sentence at a sentencing hearing. Typically, at a sentencing hearing, the crown attorney will speak first to go over the offence and its impact, and, from that, argue for a sentence. After that, you or your lawyer will have a chance to suggest and argue for a lighter sentence.

If you have questions about an upcoming sentencing hearing, call Rishi Gill at 604.899.1436. Your initial consultation with Rishi is free and includes a review of your case, possible defences and courses of action. When you call, you will speak to Rishi Gill directly (not a paralegal or assistant), so you can be assured that the counsel you receive will be timely and discrete.

I’m being sentenced. Do I need a lawyer?

Since a lawyer knows the circumstances that would encourage the court to give you a more lenient sentence, you should certainly seek counsel. A savvy lawyer on your side can mean the difference between a conditional discharge and jail time — and they may be able to get minor offences dropped entirely. Contact Rishi Gill today for a no charge consultation at 604.899.1436.